• Natural tranquility

    Natural tranquility

    Welcome to the GeoSea sea baths. A rejuvenating experience for body and soul.


  • Food

    Grab a snack before, after or whilst bathing

    Enjoy a relaxing lunch or dinner in the modern yet welcoming dining area.


  • Showers

    Private showers - delayed

    in the coming months we will have private showers.


Things to do in Húsavík

There is no risk of getting bored in Húsavík with the several activities available. Whale watching is of course a must-do, but there is also much much more to do.

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Restaurants in Húsavík

Discover the local restaurant scene in Húsavík.

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Accommodations in Húsavík

Everyone should be able to find accommodation and services to suit them in Húsavík.

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Where we are

Where we

  • Skjálfandi bay
    Húsavík, North Iceland
  • 92 km from Akureyri
    477 km from Reykjavik / 50 min flight