Restaurants in Húsavík

Discover the local restaurant scene in Husavik.

Salka Restaurant
Salka Restaurant is in one of the oldest historical buildings in the town. Located at the town center, the restaurant offers you a sneak peek into the local pantry of Iceland’s culinary traditions, as well as a relaxing atmosphere.

Gamli Baukur Restaurant
Gamli Baukur Restaurant is located by the harbor in Húsavík. It offers you a superb view of the harbor and the mountains across the bay. The restaurant offers fresh local seafood and other local and international dishes, as well as various beverages

Moby Dick Restaurant
Moby Dick is a restaurant in Fosshótel hotel.

Naustið is a original family-run restaurant with a bright, mid-century mariner interior in the center of Húsavik. Entering the bright yellow wooden house feels like stepping back in time and visiting grandma.